Spinning for Cardio

If you are looking for the best way to burn calories and get your heart in shape, Spin has just what you need! We are big fans of Spinning because we feel it is one of the most dynamic forms of cardio available today. Time on the bike, with the music pumping, is a great time to get focused on your goals, dig deep and get your blood and endorphins pumping. There’s nothing like that wonderful shower of sweat from the inside out! Spinning produces results in the way the body looks, feels and the cardio-respirtory’s system response to training. It’s amazing what high intensity interval training can do for cardiovascular system and there is simply no substitute. The heart muscle is the most important  muscle and you’ve got to challenge to keep it healthy. The beauty of Spin is that it is never easy, but it does not tax your joints, which is a perfect way to get your cardio!

Try one of our signature fusion classes with Spin-Certified instructors that will lead you through a comprehensive Trio class, which incorporates 25 minutes of Spinning, 25 minutes of strength training, followed by 10 minutes of Yoga for flexibility. This is your hour of power, offering everything your body needs to hit the trifecta of fitness every day.

In addition to Spinning for cardio, Trio Fitness offers Cardiolates. Cardiolates is a rebounding program developed by Katherine and Kimberley Corp of Pilates on Fifth in New York City.

Cardiolates is fantastic for the heart and the immune system. It is based upon the effect that anti-gravity movement has on the lymphatic and immune systems. Challenging for everyone, Cardiolates offers cardio, strength and flexibility in the most interesting way.

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