Pilates builds stabilizing muscles and gives the body a whole new level of strength!

Pilates adds a deeper level of training to all fitness disciplines by creating instability in the body and forcing the stabilizing muscles to activate. By using Pilates as the base of all of our methods, we add a deeper level of strength to every body while creating long, lean muscles from the inside-out.

So often people start a workout program and they are ready to get strong, lose weight and feel better quickly, but things don’t go as planned. The rate of injury in fitness has needlessly climbed exponentially in fitness in the last few years due to high impact programs that beat up the joints and overbuild the wrong muscles. We have muscles in the body that are similar to great volunteers. They are ready to jump in and help with everything. The problem occurs when we begin to use those volunteer muscles incorrectly with the wrong firing patterns in the body and we over develop muscles that we don’t need to build. This can result in injury, bulky muscles (in the wrong places) and an imbalanced look to the body.

In Pilates, we practice quality movements that focus on the smaller, stabilizing muscles in the body to increase the body’s ability to move as it was made to, as well as increasing the long and lean look to the body that affords grace, flexibility and stability. The stabilizing muscles of the body are accessed when we safely create movement with instability to activate the flight or fight instinct in the body, activating all the tiny stabilizing muscles. Every strengthening movement we do in Pilates creates length and strength simultaneously. We focus on the slow and controlled movements, not allowing gravity or momentum to influence the biomechanics, insuring the correct firing patterns and developing the muscles evenly and beautifully, for a long, lean body that has more strength than most body builders that are big and bulky. It is this component of Pilates that attracts Hollywood starlets and professionally athletes alike.

If you are looking for a balanced body with long, lean muscles, look no further. Call Trio Fitness today and get on the path to the long, strong body you’ve admired in other people. Your muscles never know how old they are, they only know if you’re using them.

Pilates Classes- We offer a variety of training opportunities from private sessions to equipment classes on the reformer and tower.

Reformer / Tower Class – This one hour class strengthens core stability and peripheral mobility by utilizing a moving carriage and a system of adjustable springs, straps and pulleys.

Spin/Reformer Class – A perfect combination of cardio via 30 minutes of spinning followed by an intense 30 minute Pilates reformer class.

Pilates Privates, Duets & Trios – Come in for a one hour private to receive individual training on our equipment from one of our Certified Pilates Instructors, or bring a friend or two for group rate equipment classes.

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