Group Fitness

Our Group Fitness classes are designed to offer personal training at a group fitness price. We believe in safe, mindful movement in every class. Keeping our classes small allows us to focus on the form of each student in the class, keeping our clients moving with intention and good form, making the most of their workout.

The variety of each group fitness class offers a unique opportunity to do a different class every day, keeping your muscles guessing and your body getting stronger and leaner with every workout.

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Pilates Equipment

At Trio, we are passionate about Pilates and for good reason. The intelligence and mindfulness inherit in the tenets of Pilates provide the body with a style of movement and training that builds deep strength from the bone out. In Pilates, we create safe instability while working the larger muscles of the body, giving a new and deeper strength that many people have never felt in any other training modality. If you haven’t tried Pilates, schedule a class today, you’ll be glad you did.

Pilates Privates

If you’re new to Pilates or need special attention, a private session is the best option to get started or to regain your strength.

In addition to creating profound new levels of strength in the body, Pilates also relieves back pain. So often in today’s busy world, we find ourselves at a desk, in a chair, a car or even a plane for hours at a time. This new lifestyle change has created back problems for millions of people. In Pilates we focus not only on strengthening the core muscles, we also focus on strengthening the posterior chain muscles of the spine, alleviating back pain, improving posture and giving people that suffer from back pain a new outlook on life. If you’ve experienced back pain or if you’re ready to get stronger, make an appointment today for an evaluation with one of our Pilates certified instructors to see how Pilates can improve your health, relieve your pain and make you stronger than you’ve been in years.

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You may also purchase private training sessions for weight loss, strength training or Pilates. Please call, email or text for appointment times with one of our certified trainers.


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Why Trio Fitness?

  • Yoga = Flexibility
    Yoga is for body and mind.
  • Spinning = Cardio
    good for the heart
  • Pilates = Strength
    A strong body

Available Fitness Classes

Trio Fit

Our signature class. 25-30 minutes of Spinning® followed by 25-30 minutes of total body conditioning utilizing our yoga wall, Pilates Sticks, ballet barres, vertical and mat Pilates, as well as traditional hatha yoga; never the same class twice.


A total body sculpting class using the grace of ballet, the strength of Pilates and the wisdom of yoga to completely define and condition your entire body from head to toe.

Trio Barre Fit

25-30 minutes of spinning “trio-style” with bursts of energy maximizing your heart rate followed by isolated barre movements to create long-beautiful muscles that will help your body burn fat in all the right places.


In Cardiolates, we combine the cardiovascular and cellular benefits of rebounding with the core strengthening and postural benefits of Pilates. Rebounding increasing bone density by strengthening the body’s musculoskeletal system by providing an increased gravitational load without the impact to the joints that running, jogging or aerobics generates. The rebounding technique maintains the body’s proper alignment, and the body is strengthened in its OPTIMAL POSTURE. Your deep core muscles engage automatically as they work to keep you upright, gaining the strength necessary to keep you moving through all your daily activities with beautiful posture. Rebounding is also a great way to cleanse your lymphatic system, opening the lymph nodes every time you jump!

Trio Mat Fit

A fantastic combination of 30 minutes of Spinning to get your metabolism working hard for you followed by the beautiful, intense lengthening and strengthening offered by the unique Pilates method.

PILATES EQUIPMENT CLASSES are not included in Group Fitness membership or passes, Pilates mat classes ARE included.
Pricing available upon request for privates or group classes on the PILATES EQUIPMENT tab.

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