Incorporate cardio through our signature Trio classes. We’ve found the key to making this intense cardio-respiratory workout doable for everyone. Our short, but intense Spin will give you the perfect amount of cardio in every workout.

spinning = cardio


Our Pilates training will give you the long, strong body you want. Pilates can relieve back pain and have you moving better than ever before. Pilates is truly the most innovating training in the world.

spinning = cardio


Yoga offers a unique dimension to training by building long, strong muscles that allow the body to move safely in every aspect of life, from picking up the kids to working in the garden. There is no true strength without flexibility.

spinning = cardio

Group Fitness, Pilates Equipment and Pilates Privates

At Trio Fitness we understand that every workout is not right for every body, but the same workout every day is not right for any body, so our “Trio” concept is rooted in the trifecta of fitness — strength, cardio and flexibility — all impacted through classes in Pilates, yoga and Spin. At Trio Fitness you have the opportunity to do a different class everyday, keeping your body guessing and your muscles getting stronger and firmer with every class.

Our small group classes are designed to offer a personal training experience for a group fitness price.

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  • Flexibility | Cardio | Strength
  • To your level and ability
  • for a healthy body and a sound mind
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We are the only Pilates studio in the area to offer:

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